Bar Graph Array

Betlux is renowned as a leader in the field of Bar Graph Array displays with high dependability.

Common universal ; I.C.-compatible ; Low power demand ; RoHS-compliant ;

Applications: · Audio apparatus ; · Instrument panels ; · Battery drived instruments.

LED bar graph array is a display consisting of multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs) arranged in the form of a bar graph. Each LED in the array represents a specific data point or value, and the array is used to visually display data in the form of a bar chart. LED bar graph arrays are commonly used to provide quick and easily interpretable visual feedback in various applications.

bar graph array display
bar graph array display

Here are some key characteristics and applications of LED bar graph arrays:


  • Multiple LEDs: LED bar graph arrays consist of several individual LEDs, often arranged in a linear or rectangular pattern.
  • Proportional Illumination: The illumination of each LED is proportional to the value it represents. Brighter LEDs indicate larger values, while dimmer LEDs represent smaller values.
  • Color Coding: LEDs in the array may be color-coded to convey different information or to differentiate between data points or categories.
  • Multiple Bars: LED bar graph arrays can have multiple bars, allowing for the representation of multiple datasets or categories simultaneously.
  • Labeling: Bar graph arrays are often labeled with category names, values, or other relevant information to provide context to the displayed data.


bar graph display show level
bar graph display show level
  • Audio Level Meters: LED bar graph arrays are commonly used to indicate audio levels, such as volume, amplitude, or intensity, in audio equipment, including amplifiers, mixers, and music players.
  • Signal Strength Indicators: In communication devices like radios, cell phones, and Wi-Fi routers, LED bar graph arrays display signal strength to indicate reception quality.
  • Battery Charge Level: Many battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and portable electronics, use LED bar graph arrays to display the remaining battery charge.
  • Measurement Instruments: Bar graph arrays can be found in various measurement instruments, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and environmental sensors, to visualize measurement values.
  • Power Monitoring: In power meters and energy management systems, LED bar graph arrays are used to display power consumption, load levels, and electricity usage.
  • Environmental Monitoring: LED bar graph arrays may represent environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, or pollution levels, in monitoring and control systems.
  • Security Systems: In security and surveillance systems, they can indicate signal strength for wireless cameras, motion detection, or alarm system status.
  • Feedback and Visual Alerts: They are used in various applications to provide feedback or alerts, such as overuse warnings, temperature readings, and process status indicators.
  • Customization: Some devices, like DIY electronics kits or custom-built projects, allow users to customize LED bar graph arrays for specific applications or visual effects.

LED bar graph arrays offer a straightforward and effective means of conveying data visually. They are widely used in applications where quick, intuitive feedback is essential, making them a popular choice in various industries and devices.

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