Emergency facility

Displays and LEDs made by BETLUX are commonly integrated into various emergency devices and equipment to enhance functionality, visibility, and communication.

Emergencies can encompass a wide range of scenarios, including natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes), accidents, medical crises, fires, power outages, and other unforeseen events that demand urgent attention and action

Emergency devices and equipment play a crucial role in responding to various emergencies and ensuring the safety of individuals. These devices are designed to provide assistance, communication, and support during challenging situations


  • Emergency Alert Systems (EAS)
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Sirens and Alarms
  • Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Emergency Phones
  • Emergency Radios
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Emergency Escape Hoods
  • Emergency Communication Devices
  • Emergency Fire Escape Ladders
  • Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs)
  • Emergency Water Filtration Systems


  1. Emergency Alert Systems (EAS):
    • Application:
      • LED Displays: Display emergency messages, alerts, and instructions.
      • LED Indicator Lights: Indicate the status or severity of the emergency.
    • Top Brands: Alertus, Everbridge, Federal Signal.
    • Emergency_Alert_Systems
  2. Emergency Lighting:
    • Application:
      • LED Emergency Lights: Illuminate spaces during power outages or emergencies.
    • Top Brands: Lithonia Lighting, Hubbell, Eaton.
    • Emergency_Lighting
  3. Emergency Sirens and Alarms:
    • Application:
      • LED Strobe Lights: Provide a visual signal in addition to audible alarms.
    • Top Brands: Federal Signal, Whelen Engineering, Sentry Siren.
    • Emergency_Sirens_and_Alarms
  4. Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs):
    • Application:
      • LED Display: Provide visual prompts and instructions during resuscitation.
      • LED Indicator Lights: Indicate AED status or the need for assistance.
    • Top Brands: Philips, ZOLL, Cardiac Science.
    • Automatic_External_Defibrillators_AEDs
  5. Emergency Phones:
    • Application:
      • LED Call Status Lights: Indicate the call status for users.
    • Top Brands: Code Blue, Talkaphone, RATH®.
    • Emergency_Phones
  6. Emergency Radios:
    • Application:
      • LED Display: Show frequency, time, and emergency alerts.
      • LED Indicator Lights: Indicate signal strength, battery status, or alert status.
    • Top Brands: Midland, Eton, Motorola.
    • Emergency_Radios
  7. Emergency Response Vehicles:
    • Application:
      • LED Emergency Lights: Increase visibility for emergency vehicles.
      • LED Displays: Provide messages or information.
    • Top Brands: Whelen Engineering, Federal Signal, Code 3.
    • Top Emergency Equipment Brands: Ziamatic, Akron Brass, Hale Products.
    • Emergency_Response_Vehicles
  8. Emergency Escape Hoods:
    • Application:
      • LED Indicators: Confirm a proper seal or signal the need for a filter replacement.
    • Top Brands: Avon Protection, Dräger, MSA Safety.
    • Emergency_Escape_Hoods
  9. Emergency Communication Devices:
    • Application:
      • LED Status Lights: Indicate the device’s status, connectivity, or battery level.
    • Top Brands: Iridium, Motorola Solutions, Kenwood.
    • Emergency_Communication_Devices
  10. Emergency Fire Escape Ladders:
    • Application:
      • LED Lights: Provide visibility during nighttime evacuations.
    • Top Brands: Kidde, Werner, First Alert.
    • Emergency_Fire_Escape_Ladders
  11. Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs):
    • Application:
      • LED Indicator Lights: Confirm the device is active, has acquired a GPS signal, or is transmitting distress signals.
    • Top Brands: ACR Electronics, Garmin, McMurdo.
    • Personal_Locator_Beacons_PLBs.
  12. Emergency Water Filtration Systems:
    • Application:
      • LED Indicators: Show the status of the filtration process or when maintenance is required.
    • Top Brands: LifeStraw, Sawyer Products, Katadyn.

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