TopView Dual Color Chip LED

“topview dual-color chip LED” is a specialized type of Light Emitting Diode (LED) designed to emit two different colors of light from the top of the LED package.

dual color chip LED
dual color chip LED

Topview Dual-Color Chip LED:

  • Emission Direction: Topview dual-color chip LEDs emit light from the top surface of the LED package. This makes them suitable for applications where the light is meant to be visible from above.
  • Viewing Angle: These LEDs typically have a narrower viewing angle compared to sideview LEDs, which means they are best viewed from directly above.
  • Applications: Topview dual-color chip LEDs are commonly used in applications where you want to switch between two colors, such as indicator lights on control panels, push buttons, and displays.
  • Size and Profile: They are available in various compact SMD packages, similar to their sideview counterparts. However, the package design and orientation differ, allowing light to be emitted from the top.
dual color chip LED used in gaming-peripherals
dual color chip LED used in gaming-peripherals

The choice between topview and sideview dual-color chip LEDs depends on your specific application and the desired lighting effect. If you need a compact indicator light or status indicator that is primarily viewed from above, a topview LED may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you require side-emission for edge-lit displays, signage, or decorative lighting, a sideview LED would be the better choice.


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