Discrete LEDs

There are many different types of discrete LEDs available from BETLUX. These include super bright LEDs, Infrared diodes, photo diodes, high power LEDs (from 1w to 100w), SMD LEDs(standard type: 0603,0805,1204,1206,1210 ; and new face: 010,020,3014,3528,3020,5050,5630), oval LEDs, multi-color LEDs, and Piranha LEDs.discrete LEDs

The discrete LEDs diode series offers a wide selection of high-performance, ultra-bright LEDs in a wide range of diameters (1.8mm to 20mm), colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white, ultraviolet, etc.), and shapes (flat, round, square, etc.).

Round, oval, bullet head, strawhat,rectangular, tower, and specialized shapes, as well as wide-angle diffused, water-clear, and coloured options, are all on the table.”

LEDs lighting application
LEDs lighting application




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