Special Display

Special display:

A particular display will have a form that is unique, a color that is unique, a design that is unique, and an application that is unique.

From the shape field, it is often rectangular; nevertheless, it is also capable of making a triangle, square, circle, and other shapes.

Although red, green, yellow, blue, and white are the most common colors, there are many shades of deep red, far red, bluish green, true green, far blue, loyal blue, varied color temperature white color, and purple, as well as other color combinations. We are open to coming up with innovative concepts about color fields.

LED displays have a broad variety of uses, and it seems that there will be even more of those applications as technology and AI continue to advance. Betlux is eager to work with clients to provide personalized versions of specialized application displays.


There are several special types of LED displays designed for specific applications and unique purposes. These specialized LED displays are engineered to meet the requirements of particular industries and settings. Here are some examples of special LED displays:

LED Tunnels
LED Tunnels
  • Flexible LED Displays: These displays are made from flexible materials and can be bent, curved, or even rolled up. They are used for applications where rigid, flat displays are impractical, such as wrapping displays around cylindrical objects or creating artistic installations.
Flexible LED Displays
Flexible LED Displays
  • Transparent LED Displays: Transparent LED displays allow light to pass through them, making them suitable for applications like retail storefronts, museum exhibits, and architectural installations where maintaining visibility through the display is essential.
Transparent LED Displays
Transparent LED Displays
  • Curved LED Displays: Curved LED displays are designed to fit curved surfaces or create immersive viewing experiences. They are used in theaters, event stages, and simulators.
  • Cylinder LED Displays: These cylindrical displays create 360-degree visuals and are used in trade show booths, immersive experiences, and as decorative elements in various settings.
  • LED Mesh Displays: LED mesh displays consist of a grid of LEDs connected by a flexible mesh material. They are used for creative, transparent, and lightweight installations in architecture and art.
  • LED Tunnels: LED tunnel displays are often used in transportation settings, such as subways and airports, to create visually engaging passageways with dynamic content.
  • LED Dance Floors: LED dance floors are equipped with programmable LEDs that can create dynamic patterns and animations, enhancing the dance club and entertainment experience.
  • LED Scoreboards: Specialized LED scoreboards are used in sports stadiums, arenas, and other venues to display real-time scores, statistics, and animations during games and events.
  • LED Billboards: Large outdoor LED billboards are designed for advertising and promotional purposes, providing high visibility and dynamic content in urban environments.
  • LED Message Boards: LED message boards are used in transportation settings, such as bus stations and train stations, to display real-time schedule information and updates.
  • LED Time and Temperature Displays: These displays are used in public spaces to show the current time and temperature, providing valuable information to passersby.
  • LED Gas Price Signs: Gas stations use LED displays to show current fuel prices, and these signs are easily updated with price changes.
  • LED Stock Tickers: Financial markets and business news outlets use LED displays to provide real-time stock market data and news updates.
  • LED Pharmacy Signs: Pharmacies often use LED displays to communicate their operating hours, special offers, and health-related information.
  • LED Crosswalk Signals: Crosswalks and pedestrian crossings are equipped with LED displays to indicate when it’s safe to cross the road.
 LED Gas Price Signs
LED Gas Price Signs

These specialized LED displays cater to specific requirements, whether it’s for artistic expression, unique architectural integration, enhanced entertainment experiences, or conveying crucial information in various industries and public spaces. Their versatility and adaptability make them valuable tools for a wide range of applications.

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