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There are various integrated circuits (ICs) with embedded LEDs in surface-mount device (SMD) packages. These ICs are designed for specific applications where LED indicators, displays, or status lights are required. Here are some examples of SMD ICs with embedded LEDs:

discrete LEDs
discrete LEDs

SOT-23 Packaged ICs with LEDs: Some ICs come in the SOT-23 package, which includes a small embedded LED. These are often used in applications like battery charging status indicators or simple LED drivers.


LED Bar Display Drivers: ICs like the LM3914, LM3915, and LM3916 are designed for driving LED bar displays. These ICs are commonly used for audio level meters and voltage or current indicators.

LED Dot Matrix Display Drivers: ICs like the MAX7219 and MAX7221 are popular for driving LED dot matrix displays. They are used in applications where alphanumeric characters or graphics need to be displayed.

Bicolor and Tricolor LED Drivers: These ICs are designed to control multiple LEDs with different colors in a single package, allowing for various status indications and display designs. Examples include the Texas Instruments TLC59283 and TLC5940.

Single-Channel LED Drivers: ICs like the LM2750 and LM2751 are designed for driving a single LED. They are commonly used in applications such as indicator lights on small electronic devices.

I2C or SPI LED Drivers: Some ICs with embedded LEDs communicate over I2C or SPI interfaces, making them suitable for control and display applications. Examples include the Maxim MAX6950 and MAX6951.

LED Flasher and Blinker ICs: These ICs are designed for creating LED flasher or blinker circuits. They are used in various applications, including automotive turn signals and decorative lighting.

LED Flasher and Blinker ICs
LED Flasher and Blinker ICs

LED Driver ICs for Backlighting: ICs like the LM3409 are designed for LED backlighting applications in LCD displays and screens.


RGB LED Driver ICs: These ICs are designed to control RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs. They are used in applications where color mixing and dynamic lighting effects are required.

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