White PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) LEDs are LED components designed to emit white light. They are used in a wide range of applications where white illumination is required. These LEDs provide energy-efficient and long-lasting white light sources.


Here’s an explanation of white PLCC LEDs and some of their common applications:

White PLCC LED Characteristics:

  • Emission of White Light
  • PLCC Package
  • Surface-Mount Technology
  • Control Electronics (Optional)
  • Color Temperature: 2700K to 3500K,  5000K to 6500K
 Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Applications for White PLCC LEDs:

  • General Lighting: White PLCC LEDs are widely used in various lighting applications, including residential and commercial lighting, downlights, ceiling fixtures, and architectural lighting. They offer energy efficiency and long lifespans.
  • Display Backlighting: These LEDs are used to backlight LCD displays in devices such as TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, and automotive infotainment systems. They provide uniform and efficient illumination for displays.
  • Indicator Lights: White PLCC LEDs can serve as indicator lights in electronic devices, control panels, appliances, and consumer electronics. They indicate power on/off status and various modes of operation.
  • Automotive Lighting: White PLCC LEDs are used for interior automotive lighting, including dome lights, map lights, and ambient lighting. They also find applications in exterior lighting, such as daytime running lights and license plate illumination.
  • Signage and Advertising: These LEDs are employed in illuminated signs, channel letters, and outdoor advertising displays where white light is required for visibility and clarity.
  • Decorative Lighting: White PLCC LEDs can create decorative lighting effects in architectural accents, cove lighting, and landscape lighting.
  • Medical and Healthcare: White PLCC LEDs are used in medical equipment, such as examination lamps, operating room lighting, and dental chairs, for providing clear and bright illumination.
  • Retail and Commercial Lighting: They are used in retail settings for accent and spotlighting applications, highlighting merchandise or specific areas in stores.
  • Industrial and Warehouse Lighting: White PLCC LEDs provide efficient illumination in industrial settings, warehouses, and factories.
  • DIY Electronics Projects: Makers and hobbyists use white PLCC LEDs for various DIY lighting and electronics projects.



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