Fire protection equipment

Fire protection equipment is a crucial aspect of safety in both residential and commercial settings. Its primary purpose is to detect, control, and suppress fires to minimize damage to property, protect lives, and ensure a safe evacuation.


LEDs and displays made by BETLUX are commonly integrated into various fire safety equipment to enhance functionality, visibility, and user interaction.

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Exit Signs
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Hoses and Reels
  • Fire Alarm Notification Devices (Horns/Strobes)
  • Fire Resistant Doors
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Fire Escape Signs
  • Fireman’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Fire Detection Cameras
  • Fire Safety Cabinets
  • Fireproof Safes
  • Fire Escape Chutes
  • Fireproof Curtains
  • Fire Barrier Sealants
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Firefighting Robots
  • Fire Escape Ladders
  • Fire Detection Sensors
  • Fire Extinguishers


  1. Fire Alarm Systems:
    • Application: LED indicators on alarm panels show the status of the system. Displays provide information about the location and type of alarm.
    • Top Brands: Siemens, Honeywell, Notifier.
    • Fire_Alarm_Systems
  2. Emergency Exit Signs:
    • Application: LED-based exit signs are commonly used for clear visibility. Some signs also have displays for additional information.
    • Top Brands: Lithonia Lighting, Sure-Lites, EXITRONIX.
    • Emergency_Exit_Signs
  3. Fire Suppression Systems:
    • Application: Control panels often feature LEDs to indicate system status. Some systems may have displays for configuration and monitoring.
    • Top Brands: Kidde Fire Systems, Ansul, Firetrace.
    • Fire_Suppression_Systems
  4. Fire Hoses and Reels:
    • Application: Illuminated cabinets with LEDs for clear visibility of fire hose locations.
    • Top Brands: Moon American, North American Fire Hose, Key Fire Hose.
    • Fire_Hoses_and_Reels
  5. Fire Alarm Notification Devices (Horns/Strobes):
    • Application: Strobes use bright flashing LEDs to alert occupants during a fire alarm.
    • Top Brands: System Sensor, Gentex, Cooper Wheelock.
    • Fire_Alarm_Notification_Devices
  6. Fire Resistant Doors:
    • Application: Some models include LED indicators to show whether the door is locked or unlocked.
    • Top Brands: Ceco Door, ASSA ABLOY, Overhead Door.
    • Fire_Resistant_Doors_Application
  7. Emergency Lighting Systems:
    • Application: LED emergency lights provide illumination during power outages.
    • Top Brands: Lithonia Lighting, Cooper Lighting, Hubbell.
    • Emergency_Lighting_Systems
  8. Fire Escape Signs:
    • Application: LED signs with directional arrows guide occupants to the nearest exit.
    • Top Brands: Brady, Jessup Manufacturing, JALITE.
    • Fire_Escape_Signs
  9. Fireman’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
    • Application: LED lights on helmets improve visibility in smoky conditions.
    • Top Brands: MSA Safety, Honeywell, Dräger.
    • Firemans_PPE_Personal_Protective_Equipment
  10. Fire Detection Cameras:
    • Application: Cameras may have LED indicators for system status and alerts.
    • Top Brands: Bosch, Hikvision, FLIR Systems.
    • Fire_Detection_Cameras
  11. Fire Safety Cabinets:
    • Application: Some cabinets may have LED lights for visibility in low-light conditions.
    • Top Brands: Justrite, Eagle Manufacturing, Strong Hold.
    • Fire_Safety_Cabinets
  12. Fireproof Safes:
    • Application: Some models feature LED interior lights for better visibility of contents.
    • Top Brands: SentrySafe, Honeywell Safes, First Alert.
    • Fireproof_Safes
  13. Fire Escape Chutes:
    • Application: Illumination with LEDs for clear visibility in emergency situations.
    • Top Brands: Escape Chute Systems, Go Escape.
    • Fire_Escape_Chutes
  14. Fireproof Curtains:
    • Application: Some curtains may integrate LEDs for added visibility.
    • Top Brands: Smoke Guard, Coopers Fire, Coltlite.
    • Fireproof_Curtains_
  15. Fire Barrier Sealants:
    • Application: LED indicators on sealant dispensers may signal when the material is applied.
    • Top Brands: 3M, Hilti, Tremco.
    • Fire_Barrier_Sealants
  16. Smoke Evacuation Systems:
    • Application: Status indicators with LEDs show the operational state of smoke evacuation systems.
    • Top Brands: Fantech, Systemair, Soler & Palau.
    • Smoke_Evacuation_Systems
  17. Firefighting Robots:
    • Application: LEDs may be used for status indicators on robotic firefighting equipment.
    • Top Brands: Boston Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Shark Robotics.
    • Firefighting_Robots
  18. Fire Escape Ladders:
    • Application: LED lights may be integrated for visibility during nighttime evacuations.
    • Top Brands: Werner, First Alert, Kidde.
    • Fire_Escape_Ladders
  19. Fire Detection Sensors:
    • Application: Some detectors have LED indicators to confirm proper functioning.
    • Top Brands: Honeywell, Bosch, Johnson Controls.
    • Fire_Detection_Sensors
  20. Fire Extinguishers:
    • Application: Some modern extinguishers have LED indicators to show pressure status.
    • Top Brands: Amerex, Kidde, Badger Fire Protection

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