What are Millicandelas

Millicandelas (mCd) are a unit of luminous intensity commonly used to measure the brightness of light sources, including LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The term “millicandela” is derived from the standard unit of luminous intensity, the candela (Cd), which represents the luminous intensity emitted in a specific direction by a light source.Millicandelas (mCd) are a unit of luminous intensity

One millicandela is equal to one-thousandth (1/1000) of a candela. It is often used to express the brightness of small light sources or to quantify the luminous intensity of LEDs, especially those with relatively low brightness levels. Millicandelas provide a convenient scale for comparing the brightness of different LEDs or assessing their suitability for specific applications.

When measuring the luminous intensity of an LED in millicandelas, it indicates the amount of light emitted by the LED in a particular direction. Higher millicandela values correspond to brighter LEDs with greater luminous intensity, while lower values indicate dimmer light sources.

Millicandelas (mCd) are a unit of luminous intensity

Millicandelas are commonly used in various applications, including indicator lights, displays, signage, and backlighting, where precise control of brightness and visibility is essential. When selecting LEDs for these applications, millicandelas can help determine the appropriate brightness level to achieve the desired visual effect while optimizing energy efficiency and

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