Payment options

The proforma invoice (referred to as PI hereafter) will be issued to you once you have reached a consensus on our price, specified the quantity you require, and/or placed an order with us.

Production upon receipt of your payment notification.

We accept USD, EUR, CNY

Payment options:

T/T in advance (bank order or telegraphic transfer): for air shipments or new customers. Please ensure that our bank account number and holder name are accurate in the PI . Please refrain from using abbreviated or shortened names (e.g., “betlux,” “betlux electronics,” “betlux electronics co”). It will not reach our account, resulting in a loss of time and money from the payment transfer.

T/T after shipment, for repeat clients placing large-quantity orders.

 Western Union cash for small order or samples order

Credit Card, it is possible to use PayPal as well; this is applicable to small orders or samples.

PayPal – for sample or small orders. Please click the link below and enter the total amount into the pop-up windows on the PayPal website. Our account is BETLUX@BETLUX.COM , please take care of the account name

L/C, for existing clients or large orders, please contact our sales representative for further information.

Bank Fees: The buyer is responsible for all bank fees associated with the remittance.

Remittance Policy

A handling fee is assessed for payments under $5,000 in total. (not applied to orders of samples)

Handing chargeCondition (X-the total amount)Memo
USD50X <USD1000 

Notify: In order to find your payment more quickly and efficiently, please include our PI number in the column labeled “Remittance Information Details of Charges” or an alternative column. Thanks for your cooperation.

Critical notice: In order to mitigate the risk of hacking, if you receive any correspondence regarding a bank account change, kindly verify with us via telephone (+86) 574 88087719 or fax (+86) 574 88087729.

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