7-Segment LED Displays

Betlux provides its customers with a comprehensive selection of Seven Segment LED Displays that range from low-cost displays with normal brightness to high-ambient-light LED indicator displays. There are multiple character heights and color options available for the three, four, dual, and single-digit displays, respectively.


Betlux Seven Segment Displays are designed to meet the needs of both the industrial and consumer markets, hence the displays are available on two different platforms. The displays that are intended for the industrial sector are developed with high reliability applications and exceptionally robust product packaging that is able to perform in high temperature environments. Customers in the consumer market will find it to be highly appealing due to the fact that it may be constructed for applications that are sensitive to cost and have general display purposes.


The fully integrated customization flexibility of the BETLUX Seven Segment Displays enables the goods to adapt well to individual customer design needs, which in turn makes the products distinctive to the applications that the customers are using them for.




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