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Variable message luminous displays are becoming a very important media, able to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly chaotic lifestyle. The right use of a LED display enhances the visibility of a business and therefore it boosts the communication with those passing by. Independently by the model, the bright sign must be installed in a visible position and the messages must be clearly readable. While selecting a LED sign, it might be useful to identify the three typical installations for this kind of products. It is important to remember that there are hundreds of options and configurations to perfectly fit the unique needs of every activity. In this section will be presented the most common type of bright sign: Building Installations: these types of variable message signs are installed on roofs, facades and parapets. Usually they are installed in parallel or perpendicularly to the building's facade. Independent installations: these bright signs are usually installed on streets and highways or squares, and they are framed into a structure fixed to the ground. This carrying structure can be painted and decorated in order to match the surrounding environment. Indoor installations: variable message signs are available also in the indoor use version. Ideal for shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, show rooms and congress centers, they can be installed on walls or have a standing structure.