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What is an LED Light Bulb? LED's are very similar to traditional light bulbs, except that they fi ...

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LED application

Illumination with LEDs
Architectural Lighting
Signage (Channel Letters)
Machine Vision
Retail Displays
Emergency Lighting (Exit Signs)
Neon and bulb Replacement
Accent Lighting - Pathways, Marker Lights

The development of White LED has added new definition to conventional lighting. Superbright LED and Ultrabright LED lamps can generate the same amount of brightness with less electricity consumption compared to traditional light bulbs. Not only will electricity bills be lower but the number of lighting replacements will also be reduced. This will reduce the cost of lighting maintenance. With these benefits, LED is one of the best solution for outdoor lighting.

As BETLUX advances in semiconductor technology, white LED will become brighter and more efficient than the conventional lighting of today. The greatest benefit of using LED for illumination will be the cost savings in maintenance and electricity.

The below series open up many possibilities for LED lighting:

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