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what is an LED?

a light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when electrical cu ...

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trusted LED company

Supplier wantedled diode, smd led, ir led, blinking leds

Betlux is currently seeking Supplier to establish long-term relationships. We are looking for

1) LED component material: LED Dice, lead, PIN, plastic reflector, Epoxy and other

2) Device supplier: Automatic bonding,dice attaching machine supplier, Oven Supplier,Bin Grading Machine

3) LED lighting material: PCB, lamp cup, high power lens, high power LED base

Simply, fill out and return the online registration form TODAY and our staff will contact you immediately. If you have any problems returning the form online, you are welcome to download the form CLIKC HERE, fill it out and send it back to BETLUX either by fax (+86 574 8808 7729) or using e-mail (

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