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How Can I Measure LED Power Output?

The easiest way to measure total power output is to position the LED very near to a large photodet ...

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LED Price

LED supplier, Betlux, produce many leds, like seven segment leds, matrix led display, LED diode 5mm, LED diode 10mm, SMD leds, IR LED, LED spot lamp, LED neon, flexible LED strip, T8 LED, MR16 LEDs.

Keep the buyer (electronics component distributor, lighting distributor) the updated LED price list is what we are doing. We are update the pricelist normally in 6 month

You may check again with us the LED price while you meet specific requirement, like huge quantity, hard to find LEDs, customize requirement, etc.

We are wait for your inquiry. contact with us by , by emai, by fax +86 574 88087729