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Variable message luminous displays are becoming a very important media, able to satisfy the requirem ...

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LED Applicationsled diode, smd led, ir led, blinking leds

If you are end user, the most important you searched and you wanted is how to get your needs exactly and what kinds of products suit for you. Therefore, BETLUX® support the LED application Guide to lead you an application world of optoelectronics.

You are professional, so, we show you our products details, including color, electrical-optical characteristics, absolute maximum rating data, typical electrical-optical characteristics curves, Part No of our products and circuit diagram of those.

What can you use LEDs for? ANYTHING.

With millions of existing products on the market, and more on the way each day, chances are LEDs are used in almost everyone. From indication lights, computer components, watches, medical devices, tanning equipment, the list goes on and on.

LED signs and Signals applications

Full Color Video
Monochrome Message Boards
Road Safety signs
Exit signs
Advertising Message Boards
Passenger Information Signs
Shopping Mall/ Visitor Information
Time/ Temperature Information
Moving message panels
Static message display

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Automotive applications

Instrument Panels & Switches, Courtesy Lighting
CHMSL, Rear Stop/Turn/Tail
Retrofits, New Turn/Tail/Marker Lights
Instrument panel backlighting
Central console backlighting
Cabin backlighting
Navigation and audio system
Dome lighting
Push button backlighting

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Traffic signal applications
Tower Lights
Runway Lights
Emergency/Police Vehicle Lighting

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Consumer electronics
Household appliances
VCR/ DVD/ Stereo/Audio/Video devices
Security Equipment

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Infrared Application
Medical Instrumentation
Bar Code Readers
Color & Money Sensors
Optical Switches
Fiber Optic Communication

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Illumination with LEDs
Architectural Lighting
Signage (Channel Letters)
Machine Vision
Retail Displays
Emergency Lighting (Exit Signs)
Neon and bulb Replacement
Accent Lighting - Pathways, Marker Lights

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Telecommunicaton Application
PBX systems
Central switching systems
Diagnostic equipment
Mobile Phone
Digital Cameras
Lap Tops
General Backlighting

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