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Luminance (also called luminosity) is a photometric measure of the density of luminous intensity i ...

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Payment options:

  1. T/T in advance(telegrafic transfer - bank order), for new customer, or small order , or samples order, or shipment by air
  2. T/T after shippment, for old customers
  3. Western Union cash - for small order or samples order
  4. Paypal - for small order or samples order , please click the link below and type in the total amount in the paypal website windows which pop up. Our account is BETLUX@BETLUX.COM , please take care of the account name
  5. L/C, for old customers, or big order, more details please kindly contact our sales person.

We are willing to offer the customers the convienet way to make the payment easily, if you have any recommend, please let us know.