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LED Open Signs and other fixed message signs help energy conservation Advertising signs play an important role in our national economy, helping customers to locate retailers and service providers, identify products they may want to buy, or simply determine if a shop is open for business. LED Open Signs consume less energy and pollute our environment far less that do neon open signs. While LED Open Signs was the very first LED Sign to hit the market other LED signs such as ATM, BEER, UPS, and SALE are some of the more common signs. Remember that Colorful, actively lit signage attracts the attention of customers and works to generate business for the establishment. Historically, advertising signs have relied on incandescent, fluorescent, or neon light sources for illumination. Recently, LED Open Signs and others have started making inroads into this market, gradually replacing the traditional sources, particularly neon. According to a 2002 state of the industry report published by Signs of the Times magazine, the number of companies offering open signs that incorporate LED technology is increasing, as are the shipments of led open signs based on this light source (SOT, 2003). The publication's survey of manufacturers found that in 2002 approximately 48% of commercial signage companies offered products that incorporate LED illumination sources, up from 32% in 2001. The survey also found that shipments of signs that incorporate LED sources increased from 3.9% to 6.2% of total shipments over the same time period, a 59% increase. At the same time, shipments of neon, fluorescent, incandescent, and fiber-optic illuminated signs decreased slightly (SOT, 2003).