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Piranha LED, super flux led (4 PIN LED)piranha led, super flux led

BETLUX offers an extensive range of high performance solid state LED lamps in sizes ranging from 3mm to 10mm diameter in a variety of different colors and profiles.Elliptical and round LEDs incorporating selected high performance substrates form A1Galnp/GaAs to InGaN ensure that the most demanding application selected high performance substrae from A1Galnp/GaAs toInGaN ensure that the most demanding application requirement can be satisfired Wide angle diffused,water clear and tinted option are available along with rectangular,chimmey and special shaped versions. Whether for general indication or more speciafic bespoke applications there will be a BETLUX LEDto meet your needs

Product Name P/N shape size PDF
flat top piranha led BL-FL7600 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.5mm
round top piranha led BL-FL760R 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.9mm
power piranha led BL-FL7615 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.5mm
Cylindrical??LED diode BL-FL7644 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.9mm
Oval piranha led BL-FL7653 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.5mm
3mm round piranha led BL-FL7660 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.9mm
3mm round piranha led BL-FL7670 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.5mm
5mm round piranha led BL-FL7680 3.0mm 4 PIN 7.62*7.62*1.9mm