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5mm led, is the most popular dimension leds. There is 5mm IR leds, 5mm blinking LEDs, 5mm blue leds ...

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LED Service

led 5mm, 2 digit,led neon,led matrix, seven segment led

BetLux will provide the customer the full service at 7*24 hours, we will establish the on-line SMS system, in order to answer customer question in time. Our other Services are following.

Order and Sampels checking. You may check the samples and order process by enter one code from us. the code we will provide while we get your order or sampels requested. Checking like material status, order production status, order shipping, shipping way, etc.

Develop New: We are highly appreciated that develp new project, new product related LED or without for customer. New idea or new product we will share with customer, in order to move forward and expand together.

Source Center: We will provide customer the useful information for marketing and for technical while customer get one password from us. it may download our brochure, our marketing material, our presentation, and other material novalty.

Service Pack: it is new and good idea for you and us. We will making one solution for total question from customer, making one point like purchase center, help customer source component and other item by our best; making other service customer meet in import/export, like offshare office customer own, to be paycenter, or purchase center, etc.

Link Exchange: We provide the link exchange, submit url to our sister link web, and link back to us.