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LED Light Bar

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Light Bars and bar graph arrays
When portability and battery back-up are vital, the solution is very -low-drive-current.The series light bars are rectangular light sources designed for a variety of applications where a large, bright source of light is required. These light bars are configured in single-in-lien and dual-in-line packages that contain either single or segmented light emitting areas.
We also offer 10-element LED arrays that are designed to display information in easily recongnizable bar graph form. The packages are end stackable and therefore capable fo displaying long strings of information. these LED products are precision matched for both intentrouble of matching individual parts.

LED arrow display is specially for lift/Elevator application. We offer different dimension for individual design. which has one side, up-down side,etc.

Business machines
Point of sale bar code scanner
Fax machines
Electronic scales
Postal meters

Process control systems
Medical equipment
Meters and status indicators

PBX systems
Central switching systems
Diagnostic equipment

Automotive dashboards


our Part No conerned: BL-AXX

Part No Systerm Detail