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Do I really need a bright sign?

Probably yes. We live in a chaotic society, on the move 24 hours a day and this means potential customers pass by a business at every hour days and nights. A bright display offer the chance to communicate with the usual and potential customers even when the activity is closed.
Big multinationals create "awareness" when they present constantly their names, logos and products with advertising on newspapers, radio and television. They make their name familiar and their logo becomes one thing with the company. Thank to a LED luminous sign visible 24 hours a day, even small and medium businesses have the opportunity to create "awareness" within their community.
There are many other good reasons to consider the purchase of a LED sign, the main listed below:
? Variable message signs are the most effective and least expensive advertising tools for small & medium businesses.
? The LED display is a media tool to present the activity to the people, allowing usual and potential customers to identify the business.
? Bright boards do their job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
? Most of the times people judge an activity by its sign.
? Some entrepreneurs raised theirs profits simply purchasing a good luminous sign. Others closed the activity simply because they weren"t recognized by potential customers. "A business with no sign, it"s a sign of no business".