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High Power LED Street Lights Application Programs

Traditional Street Lights Reformation Program
Adopting new generation of LED lights to substitute traditional street lights is the best way which
makes the semi-conductor LED become an ideal green environmental protection lamp. With the advantage of high-efficiency, energy-saving, long life and green environmental protection, LED Lights accomplished the traditional street lamp reformation as a possibility.
1. The reformation program can save much maintenance expenses, the LED street lights
life span is 5 times to High Pressure Sodium Lamps.
2. Saving much power charges. 70% above than High Pressure Sodium Lamp.
3. The yearly invest return rates is 25% above.

LED Street Lights New Program
There are obvious advantages in LED street lights applications and collocation methods for the new building street. Compared to the High Pressure Sodium Lamp:
1? The total cost of program could save 20%.
2? The trunk road and secondary road could save charge rates more than 70%.
3? Save maintenance expenses about $45/pole/year.
4? Environmental protection lamp, no infrared ray and ultraviolet ray.