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3 led

?we have 3 LED module, LED strip light, Mono color, Super Flux LED type
? Ultra brightness available
? 3MM Super Flux LED lamps
? LED color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, white
? LED service life: 50,000-100,000hrs
? Power supply: INPUT: 120VAC60 Hz ; OUTPUT: 12VDC500mA
? Application: commercial, residential and industrial environments;
? can be used as backlighting in decoration and advertisement; can be used in illumination devices

Electrical-optical characteristics: (Ta=25C) (Test Condition: IF=20mA)

Part Number Chp
TLS-FL-73UEC Ultra Orang AlGaP
TLS-FL-73UYC Ultra Yello AlGaP
TLS-FL-73UGC Ultra Gree AlGaI
TLS-FL-73PGC Ultra Pure Gree InN
TLS-FL-73BGC Ultra Bluish Gre
TLS-FL-73UBC Ultra Blu InN
TLS-FL-73UWC Ultra Whit InN