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 Variable message displays can memorize up to 100 informative and promotional messages, easy to schedule.  LED bright signs allow to change the promotional/informative message a boundless number of times.  Luminous notice boards can transmit variable messages while customers pass by, allowing a higher flexibility in communication with the public.  LED signs satisfy the need for visibility of every commercial activity, during the day and at nights. Moreover sliding texts catch human eye's attention 10 times more than a traditional static sign.  The great flexibility of bright display allows to advertise products and special offers and at the same time to broadcast information of public interest.  LED signs make a commercial activity immediately recognizable within the city's panorama.  Luminous boards represent a safe investment for every activity as they are the advertising form with the best price/performances rate. Only the "word of mouth" is more powerful and cheaper?but it can't be bought or controlled.  The effectiveness of a variable message sign is not affected by the space and the surface available as the traditional static signs.  Luminous boards act as a street vendor, attracting potential customers and leading them into the shop.  Luminous journals allow to advertise one's own commercial activity in the immediate neighbourhoods, preventing the high costs of the traditional promotional techniques.  It is possible to change the messages visualized in case it is necessary to provide information to a specific category of customers. This function can result very useful during events and shows to offer a service of public interest.  In some models of LED bright boards it is possible to broadcast logos and 3D images, in the order and with the timing defined by the shop's owner.