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smd led, smt led, 0805 smd ledSurface Mount ChipLED
For applications that require small size, high efficeiency and low power consumption, We offers and extensive range of high quality ChipLED products to meet demands for virtually any surface mount lighting requirement.

PLCC SMT LED family comprises of both PLCC-2 and PLCC-4 packages, which are available in a wide selection of colors with a super wide viewing angle of 120. this new family of LEDs provides a form and fit replacement for products from other major manufacturers.

Keypad and LCD backlighting for mobile phones and pagers

Front panel, symbol and status indicator
Keypad and push button backlighting

Computer peripherals
Status and symbol indicator

Automotive interior
Dashboard and symbol lighting

our Part No conerned: BL-LSXXX

Part No Systerm Detail