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led matrix 8x8, seven segment led, white 7 segment, blue 7 segmentWe offers a full range of seven-segment displays from low cost, standard brightness displays to high brighter light displays. Even we support strong Blue and white display base on Cree chip, which is high relaible and good performance.

The BL series of displays are available in single and other types, including two, three, four and over. including alpha-numeric LED display( 14 segment or 16 segment) and LED sign display., and in many colors and character heights. Seven-semgnet displays are available in two platforms. Industrial application displays are designed fro high reliability application and feature extremely durable packaging for high temperature environments. Consumer application displays are designed for cost sensitive, general purpose display applications. Whatever your specific application, we have a seven-segment display to meet your needs.

Common anode or common cathode selected
Low Current Operation
Excellent Character Appearance
High Light Output
Easy Mounting On PC Boards or Sockets
IC Compatible
Multicolor Available
Categorized for Luminous Intensity
Mechanically Rugged
Stand: Gray Face, White Segment

Temperature controllers
Test and measurmement instrumentation.
Power converters
Home appliance displays
Automotive and avionics displays.
Fuel pump displays
Digital panel meters

Cable set-top boxes
Electronics displays
Gaming machines
Point of sale Terminals
Answering machines
Exercise equipment

our Part No conerned: BL-SXX, BL-DXX, BL-TXX, BL-QXX,

Part No Systerm Detail

We offer the LED dot matrix in various kinds and dimensiones:
Column* Row: 5*7, 5*8, 5*9, 8*8, 16*16 kinds;
Square dot and circle dot are available;
Lamp LED dot Matrix or Chip LED dot matrix;

Wide Height of dot matrix (: 0.7" | 1.2" | 1.4" | 1.5" | 1.9" | 2.0"
2.3" | 3.0" | 3.4" | 4.0" | 4.6" ), with various dot size( 1.90mm | 3.0mm | 3.7mm | 4.8mm | | 7.62mm | 10.0mm | 1.8mm);

Low Current Operation
High contrast and Light Output
Compatible with ASCII and EBCDIC Codes
Stackable Horizontally
Column Cathode and Column Anode Available
Easy Mounting on PC. Boards or Sockets
Multicolor Available
Categorized for Luminous Intensity
Mechanically Rugged
Standard: Gray Face , White Dot

Dot matrix displays are applicable for indoor or semi-outdoor sign applications, such as information, graphics or advertisement sign boards. Single, dual and RGB full color displays are available with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 9 mm dot size packages. Featuring high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing viewing angles,betlux dot matrix LED display products are also available in all colors covering the whole visible spectrum.

our Part No conerned: BL-Mxx, BL-MLxx

Part No Systerm Detail