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How do I power LEDs from household line voltage?

For most hobby, experimental and science project purposes, the best way is to use a "wall wart" tr ...

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LED component

Cross Reference

From the search tool you can now find replacements of other semicondustor supplier, which devices including:

- Semiconductors
- LED diodes
- seven segment LEDs, dot matrix LEDs
- LED light bar, bar graph arrays
- LED cluster

Select the Manufacturer name from the list, if you don't know, then ignore it. Enter the part number you wish to replace into the search field and click the search button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard. At least two characters are required to run the search. More characters will provide a more accurate search.

For example: Entering SA56-11 will return any item that has the characters SA56-11 located within the device number.

Enter Manufacturer Part Number to search:

NOTE: This page is for cross referencing industry part numbers to BETLUX replacements only. You can not enter BETLUX device numbers into the search field. For Data sheets on BETLUX devices, click here.