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product image - 5x8 Dot matrix LED | led modules-2.3 inch height 5x8 LED dot matrix, bi-color
product2.3 inch height 5x8 LED dot matrix, bi-color
Part NOBL-M23A581xx,BL-M23B581xx
Dimension37.80 x 60.60mm
kindsDOT MATRIX LED -> 5x8 bi-color
DatasheetPDF datasheet of BL-M23A581xx,BL-M23B581xx-5x8 Dot matrix LED | led modules

RoHs Compliance, Pb-free Anti-Static Attention

2.3 inch height 5x8 LED dot matrix
2.3 inch Matrix Height(58.34mm)
Dot size 5.00mm, circle dot
Column: 5 Row: 8
Widthxheight: 37.80x60.60mm
Bi-color selected
Low current operation
High contrast and light output
Compatible with ASCII and EBCDIC code
Stackable horizontally
Column cathode and column anode available
Easy mounting on P.C.Boards or Sockets
Categorized for luminous intensity
Technically rugged
Standard: Gary surface and White dot
RoHs Compliance

Applied for:
trainbus information boardLED screnmessage boardindustry instrument

Super Bright LED Electrical-optical characteristics: (Ta=25掳C) (Test Condition: IF=20mA)
Electrical-optical characteristics:(Ta=25C) (Test Condition:IF=20mA)

Part No C.C. Part No C.A. color wavelength V typical V max Brightness
BL-M23A581SG BL-M23B581SG High Bright Red 660 1.85 2.2 280
BL-M23A581EG BL-M23B581EG Orange 635 2.1 2.5 220

Product Dimension & Internal circuit diagram
5x8 Dot matrix LED | led modules Package diagram
1)All dimensions are in millimeters (inches)
2)Tolerance is 卤0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted.
3)Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Reflector Surface color (1st number)/ dot Lens color (2nd number):

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5
Ref Surface Color White Black Gray Red Green  
Dot Epoxy Color Water clear White diffused Red Diffused Green Diffused Yellow Diffused  
Absolute maximum ratings (Ta= 25掳C)
Parameter S G E D UG UE PG   Unit
Forward Current I F 30 30 30 30 30 30 30   mA
Power Dissipation P d 75 80 80 75 75 65 110   mW
Reverse Voltage V R 5 5 5 5 5 5 5   V
Peak Forward Current I PF (Duty 1/10 @1KHZ) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150   mA
Operation Temperature T OPR -40 to +80 掳 C
Storage Temperature T STG -40 to +85 掳 C
Lead Soldering Temperature T SOL   Max.260卤 5 掳C for 3 sec Max. ( 1.6mm from the base of the epoxy bulb) 掳 C

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