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product image - led cluster | 15mm | LED parts-15mm led cluster (1 red 2 green 1 blue, square packed)
product15mm led cluster (1 red 2 green 1 blue, square packed)
Dimension15.00mm x 15.00mm
DatasheetPDF datasheet of BL-CS15AR1G2B1-led cluster | 15mm | LED parts

RoHs Compliance, Pb-free Anti-Static Attention


15mm Lamp cluster (1 red 2 green 1 blue, square packed)
15mm LED cluster
Shape: square
Width*height: 15.00mm*15.00mm
High visibility
Emitting Color: Red green blue
No of Built-in 5mm LED Lamps : Red 1 Pcs, green 2pcs, blue 1pcs High Visibility
Waterproof Package with Hood Suitable
For Outdoor and Indoor Information Boards
Long Life
Low Current, power Savings
Low Maintenance
Different Color available
Solid State, high Vibration Resistant
Can Produce any Color in Visible Spectrum, including White Light
RoHs Compliance

Applied for:
road signal clusterroad arrow signaloutdoor coreboardoutdoor coreboardoutdoor coreboard

Color Code & Chip characteristics: (Test Condition: IF=20mA)

Part NO color wavelength V typical V max Brightness Degree
BL-CS15AR1G2B1 Ultra Bright Red 660 1.85 2.2 500
High Bright Green 574 2.2 2.5 450
Super Bright Blue 470 3.1 4.2 800

Package configuration & Internal circuit diagram
led cluster | 15mm | LED parts Package diagram
1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches)
2. Tolerance is 卤0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted.
3. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Absolute Maximum Rating (Each LED diodes,Ta= 25掳C Derate above 25掳C)

Characteristic Symbol Ultra Orang Ultra Green Ultra Blue Unit
Spectral Line Half width 鈻?位 17 30 30 nm
Pulse Forward Current IFp 150 150 150 mA
DC Forward Current IF 30 30 30 mA
Reverse Voltage V R 5 5 5 V
Power Dissipature PD 65 75 75 mW
Operating Temperature Topr -40 掳C -80 掳C  
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 掳C -85 掳C  
Lead Soldering Temperature   Max.260卤 5掳C for 3 sec Max. ( 1.6mm from the base of the epoxy bulb)  

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