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A sign can denote any of the following: A signboard on a beach in Durban in apartheid-era South Africa indicates a racially segregated beach. A routed wooden sign on a trail * Sign, in astrology: often used to mean the Sun sign * Sign or signing, in communication: communicating via hand gestures, such as in sign language. * Gang signal * Sign, in Tracking (hunting): also known as Spoor (animal); trace evidence left on the ground after passage. * A signboard. * A sign, in common use, is an indication that a previously observed event is about to occur again * Sign, in divination and religion: an omen, an event or occurrence believed to foretell the future * Sign, in ontology and spirituality: a coincidence; see synchronicity * Sign (linguistics): a combination of a concept and a sound-image described by Ferdinand de Saussure * In mathematics, the sign of a number tells whether it is positive or negative. Also, the sign of a permutation tells whether it is the product of an even or odd number of transpositions. * Signedness, in computing, is the property that a representation of a number has one bit, the sign bit, which denotes whether the number is non-negative or negative. A number is called signed if it contains a sign bit, otherwise unsigned. See also signed number representation * Sign, in biology: an indication of some living thing's presence * Medical sign, in medicine: objective evidence of the presence of a disease or disorder, as opposed to a symptom, which is subjective * Sign (semiotics): the basic unit of meaning * Information sign: a notice that instructs, advises, informs or warns people * Traffic sign: a sign that instructs drivers; see also stop sign, speed limit sign, cross walk sign * Sign, in a writing system: a basic unit. Similar terms which are more specific are character, letter or grapheme * Commercial signage, including flashing signs, such as on a retail store, factory, or theatre * Signature, in history: a handwritten depiction observed on a document to show authorship and will