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5mm led, is the most popular dimension leds. There is 5mm IR leds, 5mm blinking LEDs, 5mm blue leds ...

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  • Custom panel display, applied in
    Kitchen products: such as rice cookers, electric oven, microwave, juicer, extractor hood, Disinfection cabinet, electric frying pan, beat eggs, soybean milk machine, coffee maker, toaster, etc.;
    Bathroom products: including electric water heater, electric heater;
    Premises clean series: including vacuum cleaners, electric mosquito repellent, electric irons, dryers, toilet deodorizer; Fourth, the indoor Environment products: including electric fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifiers, negative oxygen ions generator, small electronic freezers;
    Heaters categories: including heater, far infrared heating furnace;
    Health care products: such as slimming beauty, foot massage, swing plane, audio electrotherapy;

    BETLUX is renowned as a leader in the field of high reliability LED panel display . We offer customize panel display with various shape and diagram. SMD, through-hole or COB type are option for customer application.