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Booth # A3.431/1. more information will be ...</font><p class='textright'><a href='LED_news_detail.asp?title=Plan to attend Electronica2014'>more News &raquo;</a></p></div> <div class='announce'><h2></h2><p><font size=2><h3> is led</h3><p>Abbreviation of light emitting diode, an electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed ...</p></font><p class='textright'><a href='today_tip.asp?tip_no=160'>more tip &raquo;</a></p></div> </div> <div id="extras"> <div id="sidebar"> <div id="sidebar"> <h1>LED Product </h1><ul class='sidemenu'><li><a href='kinds_of_LED.htm '>Lnea de productos </a></li><li><a href='LED_selection_guide.htm '>Gua de seleccin </a></li><li><a href='LED_application_Guide.htm '>uso del LED </a></li><li><a href='LED_part_no_system.htm '>N de sistema </a></li><li><a href='what_LED_we_offer.htm'>N de ndice</a></li><li><a href='LED_price.htm '>LED Precio </a></li><li><a href='LED_pack_weight.htm '>Envase y el peso </a></li><li><a href='policy_of_LED_supplier.htm#Order '>cmo realizar un pedido </a></li><li><a href='LED-Component-Cross-Reference-Search.htm '>Referencia cruzada </a></li></ul> <script language = "JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> var onecount; subcat = new Array(); subcat[0] = new Array("LED ARRAY","LED BAR","LED ARRAY"); subcat[1] = new Array("5x7 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","5x7 dot matrix"); subcat[2] = new Array("5x8 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","5x8 dot matrix"); subcat[3] = new Array("5x9 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","5x9 dot matrix"); subcat[4] = new Array("6x7 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","6x7 dot matrix"); subcat[5] = new Array("8x8 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","8x8 dot matrix"); subcat[6] = new Array("16x16 dot matrix","MATRIX LED","16x16 dot matrix"); subcat[7] = new Array("5x7 bi-color","MATRIX LED","5x7 bi-color"); subcat[8] = new Array("5x7 RGB color","MATRIX LED","5x7 RGB color"); subcat[9] = new Array("5x8 bi-color","MATRIX LED","5x8 bi-color"); subcat[10] = new Array("5x8 RGB color","MATRIX LED","5x8 RGB color"); subcat[11] = new Array("8x8 bi-color","MATRIX LED","8x8 bi-color"); subcat[12] = new Array("8x8 RGB color","MATRIX LED","8x8 RGB color"); subcat[13] = new Array("power LED","LED DIODE","power LED"); subcat[14] = new Array("Oval LED","LED DIODE","Oval LED"); subcat[15] = new Array("MULTI-COLOR LED","LED DIODE","MULTI-COLOR LED"); subcat[16] = new Array("BLINKING LED","LED DIODE","BLINKING LED"); subcat[17] = new Array("IR LED","LED DIODE","IR LED"); subcat[18] = new Array("PHOTO DIODES","LED DIODE","PHOTO DIODES"); subcat[19] = new Array("SMD LED","LED DIODE","SMD LED"); subcat[20] = new Array("PIRANHA LED","LED DIODE","PIRANHA LED"); subcat[21] = new Array("SUPER BRIGHT LED","LED DIODE","SUPER BRIGHT LED"); subcat[22] = new Array("LED MODULE","LED STRIP","LED MODULE"); subcat[23] = new Array("DOUBLE DIGITS","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","DOUBLE DIGITS"); subcat[24] = new Array("THREE DIGITS","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","THREE DIGITS"); subcat[25] = new Array("FOUR DIGITS","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","FOUR DIGITS"); subcat[26] = new Array("LED CLOCK","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","LED CLOCK"); subcat[27] = new Array("BIG DIGIT","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","BIG DIGIT"); subcat[28] = new Array("ALPHANUMERIC LED","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","ALPHANUMERIC LED"); subcat[29] = new Array("SINGLE DIGIT","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","SINGLE DIGIT"); subcat[30] = new Array("ARROW LED","LED BAR","ARROW LED"); subcat[31] = new Array("LIGHT BAR","LED BAR","LIGHT BAR"); subcat[32] = new Array("LED CLUSTER","LED CLUSTER","LED CLUSTER"); subcat[33] = new Array("PANEL DISPLAY","SEVEN SEGMENT LED","PANEL DISPLAY"); subcat[34] = new Array("POWER LAMP","LED LIGHTING","POWER LAMP"); subcat[35] = new Array("GU10 LED","LED LIGHTING","GU10 LED"); subcat[36] = new Array("MR16 LED","LED LIGHTING","MR16 LED"); subcat[37] = new Array("E27 LED","LED LIGHTING","E27 LED"); subcat[38] = new Array("INDOOR BI-COLOR","LED SCREEN","INDOOR BI-COLOR"); subcat[39] = new Array("INDOOR FULL COLOR","LED SCREEN","INDOOR FULL COLOR"); subcat[40] = new Array("OUTDOOR MONO COLOR","LED SCREEN","OUTDOOR MONO COLOR"); subcat[41] = new Array("OUTDOOR BI-COLOR","LED SCREEN","OUTDOOR BI-COLOR"); subcat[42] = new Array("OUTDOOR FULL COLOR","LED SCREEN","OUTDOOR FULL COLOR"); subcat[43] = new Array("LED NEON","LED STRIP","LED NEON"); subcat[44] = new Array("PAR20 LED","LED LIGHTING","PAR20 LED"); subcat[45] = new Array("PAR30 LED","LED LIGHTING","PAR30 LED"); subcat[46] = new Array("PAR38 LED","LED LIGHTING","PAR38 LED"); subcat[47] = new Array("T8 TUBE LED","LED LIGHTING","T8 TUBE LED"); subcat[48] = new Array("E12 LED","LED LIGHTING","E12 LED"); subcat[49] = new Array("Hard PCB strip","LED STRIP","Hard PCB strip"); subcat[50] = new Array("power and control","LED STRIP","power and control"); onecount=51; function changelocation(locationid) { document.myform.SmallClassName.length = 1; var locationid=locationid; var i; for (i=0;i < onecount; i++) { if (subcat[i][1] == locationid) { document.myform.SmallClassName.options[document.myform.SmallClassName.length] = new Option(subcat[i][0], subcat[i][2]); } } } </script> <form method="get" id="search" name="myform" action="../Search_LED-strip_and_component.asp"> <p> <select name="Field" size="1"> <option value="Title" selected="selected">Part NO</option> <option value="Content">Description</option> </select> <select name="BigClassName" onchange="changelocation(document.myform.BigClassName.options[document.myform.BigClassName.selectedIndex].value)" size="1"> <option selected="selected" value="">big kinds</option> <option value='SEVEN SEGMENT LED'>SEVEN SEGMENT LED</option> <option value='MATRIX LED'>MATRIX LED</option> <option value='LED DIODE'>LED DIODE</option> <option value='LED CLUSTER'>LED CLUSTER</option> <option value='LED BAR'>LED BAR</option> <option value='LED STRIP'>LED STRIP</option> <option value='LED LIGHTING'>LED LIGHTING</option> <option value='LED SCREEN'>LED SCREEN</option> </select> <select name="SmallClassName"> <option selected="selected" value="">small kinds</option> </select> <input type="text" name="keyword" size="10" maxlength="40" onfocus="this.select();" /> <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Search" /> </p> </form> <!-- application Guide --> <!-- Product List --> <h1>Lnea de productos </h1> <ul class='sidemenu'><li><a href='SEVEN-SEGMENT-LED-1.htm'>Display LED de 7 Segmentos</a></li><li><a href='DOT-MATRIX-LED-1.htm'>Display matriz de puntos Led</a></li><li><a href='LED-DIODE-1.htm'>DIODO LEDs</a></li><li><a href='LED-CLUSTER-1.htm'>Mdulo de pantalla LED Mdulo de pantalla LED Mdulo de pantalla LED</a></li><li><a href='LED-BAR-1.htm'>Exhibicin del grfico de barra del LED</a></li><li><a href='LED-STRIP-1.htm'>TIRA LED </a></li><li><a href='LED-LIGHTING-1.htm'>ILUMINACIN LED </a></li></ul> <h1>Boletn de Noticias</h1> <form method='post' id='search' action='../chkemail.asp'><p><input name='email' class='textbox' type='text' /> </p><p><input type='submit' class='searchbutton' value='Agregar ' name='action' /><input type='submit' class='searchbutton' value='Quitar ' name='action' /></p></form> <h1>The Evolution of LEDs</h1> <p>* Traffic Lights<br /> * Backlighting<br /> * Automotive Lighting<br /> * Indoor and Outdoor Full Color Displays<br /> * Emergency Lighting<br /> * Illumination application<br /> * Road Lighting<br /> * Holiday Lighting</p> </div> </div> </div> <div id="content"> <h2>your trust LED supplier </h2> <p><b> <a href='what_LED_we_offer.htm'>LED product</a><br/> | <a href='SEVEN-SEGMENT-LED-1.htm'>Display LED de 7 Segmentos</a> | <a href='DOT-MATRIX-LED-1.htm'>Display matriz de puntos Led</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-1.htm'>DIODO LEDs</a> | <a href='LED-CLUSTER-1.htm'>Mdulo de pantalla LED Mdulo de pantalla LED Mdulo de pantalla LED</a> | <a href='LED-BAR-1.htm'>Exhibicin del grfico de barra del LED</a> | <a href='LED-STRIP-1.htm'>TIRA LED </a> | <a href='LED-LIGHTING-1.htm'>ILUMINACIN LED </a><br/><br/> | <a href='LED-DIODE-power-LED-1.htm'> LED de alimentacin</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-Oval-LED-1.htm'> valo LED</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-MULTI-COLOR-LED-1.htm'> LED multicolor</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-BLINKING-LED-1.htm'> LED parpadeante</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-IR-LED-1.htm'> IR LED</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-PHOTO-DIODES-1.htm'> FOTO DIODOS</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-SMD-LED-1.htm'> SMD LED</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-PIRANHA-LED-1.htm'> PIRANHA LED</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-SUPER-BRIGHT-LED-1.htm'> LED brillante estupendo</a> | <a href='LED-DIODE-LED-bullet-1.htm'> Bala LED</a><br/><br/> | <a href='3mm-blinking-BLINKING-LED-LED-diode.htm'>3mm blinking</a> | <a href='5mm-Blinking-BLINKING-LED-LED-diode.htm'>5mm Blinking</a><br/> </b> Total:360 itemes </p> <p><strong> <table border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0><thead> <tr> <th scope='col' >PIC</th><th scope='col' >Product</th><th scope='col' >Size</th><th scope='col' >P/N datasheet</th></tr></thead> <tbody><tr> <td ><div align=center><a href='../product/LED_drawing/BL-L314-B-3mm-blinking-LED-lamp.gif'><img border=1 src='../pic/BL-L314-B_3mm_round_led.jpg' width=150 height=100 alt='3mm diodo LED parpadeante '></a></div></td><td ><a href='3mm-Blinking-LED-diode-BL-L314-B.htm' title='Datasheet link of 3mm diodo LED parpadeante --luces intermitentes led | LED 3mm | cambio de color LED '>3mm diodo LED parpadeante </a></td><td >3.0 x 4.5mm</td><td ><a href='../product/LED_lamp/Blinking%20LED/BL-L314-B.PDF' target='_blank' title='Specification pdf file of 3mm diodo LED parpadeante -luces intermitentes led | LED 3mm | cambio de color LED '>BL-L314-B</a></td></tr><tr> <td ><div align=center><a href='../product/LED_drawing/BL-L513-B-5mm-blinking-LED-lamp.gif'><img border=1 src='../pic/BL-L513-B_blinking_5mm_round_led.jpg' width=150 height=100 alt='5 mm de diodos LED parpadeante '></a></div></td><td ><a href='5mm-Blinking-LED-diode-BL-L513-B.htm' title='Datasheet link of 5 mm de diodos LED parpadeante --cambio de color led | LED parpadeante | 5mm LED '>5 mm de diodos LED parpadeante </a></td><td >5.0 x 7.6mm</td><td ><a href='../product/LED_lamp/Blinking%20LED/BL-L513-B.PDF' target='_blank' title='Specification pdf file of 5 mm de diodos LED parpadeante -cambio de color led | LED parpadeante | 5mm LED '>BL-L513-B</a></td></tr></tbody></table> </strong></p> <p> <table align='center'><form name='showpages' method='Post' action='LED-DIODE-BLINKING-LED'><tr><td>Total <b>2</b> products&nbsp;&nbsp;1st Page Previous &nbsp;Next last Page &nbsp;Page#<strong><font color=red>1</font>/1</strong>Page &nbsp;<b>15</b> products/Page</td></tr></form></table></p> <p> LED parpadeante de 3 mm, 5 mm</p> </div> <div id="footer"> <p> &copy; 2003-2010<b> Betlux,LED Manufacturer from China</b> <script language="javascript" src="http://count41.51yes.com/click.aspx?id=417416479&logo=11"></script> </p> <p> <a href="../index.html">Home</a> | <a href="sitemap.htm">Sitemap</a> | <a 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