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LED infrared LED lamp and PIN photodiode (invisible type)ir led, infrared diode, photo diode, 940 850 880 led

We offers a broad range of discrete Infrared components for applications such as remote control, IR wireless data transmission, security alarm and PC mouse. Product features include high power, high speed, wide viewing angles, high signal-to-noise ratio and UL safety approval. Chip materials include GaAs 940nm, AlGaAs high power 880nm, AlGaAs high speed 875nm/850nm. Photodiodes and Phototransistors with filter are also available to reduce ambient light noise or enhance signal-to-noise ratio.

Product name
Part No
Desc. D/S Color
3522 Silicon Photo Diodes BL-L3522PD rectangular  
4802 Silicon Photo Diodes BL-L4802PD    
5012(5mm) Silicon Photo Diodes BL-L512PD 5mm Round  
3mm Infrared Emitting Diodes BL-L314IR 3mm Round  
5mm Infrared Emitting Diodes BL-L513IR 5mm Round  
0805 SMD Infrared LED BL-LS2012B0E1IR 2.0*1.5*0.8mm
1206 SMD Infrared LED BL-LS3216C0E1IR 3.2*1.6*1.1mm
1311 top SMD Infrared LED BL-LS3528A0S1IR