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LED大笔段组装板,大尺寸LED数码管big segment led, single seven segment, one led

BETLUX is renownded as a leader in the field of high reliability numeric LEDdisply.We offer a wide rang of standard products in both single and multiple digit formats with character heights ranging from 7.0mm(0.28") to 127mm(5.0").
Industry standard pin-outs are offered on all types, with the threcent addition of high performance biue and optically matched bicolour versions to duit application from precision instrumentation to high volume consumer electronics. All devices are bin coded for luminous intensity to ensure consisten illumination in multi digit applications and specific wavelengths can be offered to customer's requirement

产品名称 型号 尺寸大小 PDF
10英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE1000A 10.00英寸字高(250.00mm)
12英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE1200A 12.00英寸字高(312.00mm)
16英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE1600A 16.00英寸字高(410.0mm)
20英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE2000A 20.00英寸字高(500.0mm)
5英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE500A 5.00英寸字高(122mm)
8英寸大笔段数码管 BL-SE800A 8.00英寸字高(220mm)