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Plan to attend Electronica2014
This Nov, we will be in Electronica2014 Munich, Germany. Booth # A3.431/1. more information will be ...

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What is a diode?

A diode is a component that restricts the directional flow of charge carriers. Also a diode allows a ...

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PICProductSizeP/N datasheet
LED灯条 圆,一栏,10mm
LED灯条 圆,一栏,10mm 10mm DiameterBL-AC1Z10
LED灯条 圆,一栏,18mm
LED灯条 圆,一栏,18mm 18mm DiameterBL-AC1Z18x2
LED灯条 圆,一栏,18mm
LED灯条 圆,一栏,18mm 18mm DiameterBL-AC1Z18x4
LED灯条 圆,20mm大屏
LED灯条 圆,20mm大屏 20mm DiameterBL-AC1Z20
双色10段光柱Reflector length: 25 Reflector width: 10BL-AR10B2510xx
10段光柱Reflector length: 25 Reflector width: 10BL-AR10Z2510
LED灯条长方形12段Reflector length: 30 Reflector width: 10BL-AR12B3010xx
LED光柱Reflector length: 30 Reflector width: 10BL-AR12Z3010
10x6mm light bar
10x6mm light barReflector length: 10 Reflector width: 6BL-AR1Z1006
led light bar13x8mm
led light bar13x8mmReflector length: 13 Reflector width: 8BL-AR1Z1308
14.0x7.5mm light bar
14.0x7.5mm light barReflector length: 14 Reflector width: 8BL-AR1Z1408
17x15mm light bar
17x15mm light barReflector length: 17 Reflector width: 15BL-AR1Z1715
20.3x5.00mm light bar
20.3x5.00mm light barReflector length: 20 Reflector width: 5BL-AR1Z2005
12x6mm light bar
12x6mm light bar BL-AR1Z3216C0E1
32.00x19.00mm light bar
32.00x19.00mm light barReflector length: 32 Reflector width: 19BL-AR1Z3219

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